What is CryptoClash?

CryptoClash is a game where you predict which cryptocoin will gain in value the most in a five minute period. If that sounds confusing, think about it like a race. Whichever coin increases the most in the round wins!

How do I play?

Once you’ve registered an account you can select the faucet icon and click to receive a starting balance. Wager on a coin by entering the amount, selecting your prediction and clicking the “Place Bet” button. You can bet all the way up to the round cutoff. If your coin ends at the top of the chart you’ll be paid your portion of the pot.

How are the pots divided?

Our payout system is fair even if only you bet. Most betting pools take a flat cut out of the entire pot before dividing up the winnings, that means you can lose money even though you won! If you correctly predict the round you will always get back your bet amount plus your portion of the losing options. The amount you win is proportional to how much you contributed to the winning pot. If

then you’ll get paid out a total of 2.6 BTC. This is shown as a multiplier next to the coin options. The higher the multiplier, the more you will win if that coin takes the lead!

How are gains calculated? What’s ‰ mean?

The charted value is based on percentage change in reported USD price since the round start time. Percentage gains are measured in milli percent, or 1/10th of a percentage point. If a coin started at $5 and went to $5.03 it would go up 0.6%, AKA 6‰

You can view all game calculations here.

Do you have Proof information?

This is not a provable game but we make all of our calculations based off of publicly available information with published math, feel free to check it yourself. You can see the source data for the current round by clicking here, and a list of historical rounds here. CryptoClash currently uses the coincap.io API for live currency information.